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Exactly how we Borrowed Money from the IRS to pay a Quarter-Million Dollar Debt off in 6 months

For my family and I, that has been our blended debt obligations upon completing our particular residencies in June 2013. We actually had slightly less debt, but our Income Based Repayments during residency were not even enough to keep up with the 6.8% interest rate, so our debt continued to grow during residency when we graduated from medical school in 2010. Due to the fact the American healthcare Association reports that the common 2013 medical graduate has accumulated $169,901 in debt That figure is gloomier compared to the AAMC reports-ed, numerous brand brand new graduates will discover on their own in a situation that is similar. Actually, $242K for 2 health practitioners is great, showing the fact wise decisions that are financial brand brand new for those two-ed. After performing a fast calculation and realizing that our $242,000 loan at 6.8% would develop by around $17,000 yearly, we chose to make erasing debt our main concern. Eventually, we had been in a position to repay our whole financial obligation in five-and-a-half months by living below our means, funneling cash into our loans aggressively, and getting an interest-free loan through the IRS. Continua a leggere