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exactly just What can I do if i will be being accused of date rape in Kansas by somebody we met on an on-line relationship app?

Answered by: Paul D. Cramm

Situated in Overland Park, KS Paul D. Cramm, Chtd.

In the event that you meet somebody on a social media “hookup’ site, the likelihood of a dreadful misunderstanding concerning intimate boundaries is quite genuine and it is increased by drinking. The person you were with may claim to have been sexually assaulted after your encounter. If you’re in this example, you’ll need a skilled criminal protection attorney in your corner.

Kansas legislation will not differentiate from a misunderstanding between a few on a very first date and a random assault with a complete complete stranger. If sexual activity just isn’t consensual, it’s considered rape and a conviction can lead to a jail phrase of 12 or maybe more years – also without any previous criminal background. A rape conviction will additionally require life time enrollment on the Kansas Intercourse Offender Registry.

Defining Date Rape

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