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You aren’t too old.It is not too belated.

Hi, I’m Bobbi Palmer

Founder of Date Like a Grownup

This will be me personally after becoming a First-Time Bride in 2006. We became 47 years old.

Being truly a girl dating after 40 can draw. I’ve lived all of it. Wondering why everybody else reaches be liked but you. The years without having to be moved by a guy. The males whom lie, manipulate and vanish. The narcissists plus the guys that are too-nice wish you could like. Being obsessed, hating men, hating yourself, quitting. Wanting to genuinely believe that you don’t require a man become pleased but, in your heart, realizing that’s a lie.

After 25+ years of this bullshit, I obtained truthful with myself. I ended up being the denominator that is common my years of unfortunate tales. I was taken by it a few several years of often hard inner-work, but I finally discovered just how to love myself and males. Continua a leggere