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9. “Foreigners are extremely open-minded!” / “we only evening foreign people” Ghosting try very typical in Korea.

Foreign-hunter alert! All over again, open minded doesn’t mean are resistant to assorted subjects or notions. It’s way more a synonym to become all right with doing naughty things easily. Korean models for instance wait around means much longer until asleep with anybody than perhaps an overseas girl would (of course I don’t need to generalize all in this article, nevertheless, you take advantage of the aim) and could bring different/higher goals exactly how some guy should act. If he just dates foreigners it could be just for this reason.

In some cases Koreans which have been away from home for some time want to actually date visitors due to their different outlook though. So however this will depend.

Sidenote: In addition noticed from some guy which he believed United states babes for instance are particularly “easy”, because of the viewable activities in “College motion pictures” (for example American Cake). And so I imagine stereotypes in american region about Korean people occur from K-dramas and stereotypes in Korea about american teenagers are available due to these kind of flicks. Continua a leggere