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The Altering Land of College Relationships. How ‘hook-up’ heritage features redefined interactions in college

By Kalaisha Totty Contributor

The high-pitched yell of blenders disrupted the rock sounds playing when you look at the coffee-house. Jazmin Alejos, sitting close to the windows associated with the coffeehouse, hidden some the girl quick, glossy, black colored tresses behind the lady ear and entered her weapon.

“I had welcomed my date to watch myself teach party to several highest schoolers. The guy turned up, but he had been awesome tipsy,” she said, chuckling. “All these young adults were inquiring me personally plenty questions about their conduct, as well as on very top of that, my mother ended up being indeed there also it ended up being the girl very first time satisfying your. It was a total tragedy.”

Alejos, 23, is actually a dance major going to Cerritos university. For Alejos, dancing is a coping method. Party also introduced her to the woman present date. Entering college, she had been dealing with a breakup of a relationship that began in highschool.

“I found myselfn’t looking to date people, it just sort of took place,” stated Alejos, leaning in the lady chair. She described exactly how she tried to talk by herself regarding matchmaking him. Continua a leggere