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Dating Violence, “My friend’s boyfriend cheats on the.

He threatened to punch her and he’s strangled her. Please help! ” – 15-year-old

Teen dating violence – including physical, psychological, and sexual punishment – is a cruel truth for all teens.

Victims of dating physical violence may experience these types of punishment:

  • Name-calling and put-downs
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  • Jealousy such as for instance getting mad in the event that you communicate with other girls or dudes
  • Control/Possessiveness such as for instance letting you know whom to hold down with, letting you know locations to get or just how to dress
  • Threats of violence, murder, or suicide
  • Mad outbursts, battles or yelling
  • Stress to perform acts that are sexual allow you to be uncomfortable
  • Humiliating or embarrassing you, either in personal or perhaps in front side of other people.

We am being abused. How do I get assistance?

The first rung on the ladder is to go out of. It could be frightening, but understand that it’s not just you and there’s assistance. Continua a leggere