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How exactly to fit everything in wrong and still go into MIT by Mollie B. ’06

Great SAT results and # 1 lessons positions are very last millennium.

I solemnly swear that i will be planning to tell the reality, the entire facts, and absolutely nothing although truth, very help me goodness. (Woo, who’s become viewing excess Law and purchase come july 1st?)

In my own various unofficial capacities as a knower of MIT-related issues, i have already been requested often times how, precisely, one goes about stepping into MIT. My earliest impulse is usually to spout one-liners about desire and hard work. I have already been known to mention interview and essays and extracurricular strategies. This doesn’t constantly apparently put the anxieties of potential pupils to rest; knowing you’re competing against 10,000 others for areas in a course of 1000 can make everyone not sure of one’s own merits. Continua a leggere