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How to ask a superior to keep something discreet / confidential

I am about to send an email to my boss (cc’ing the chief accountant & HR) so that the email has only 3 recipients. How would I say to my boss formally to keep this topic between the three of us, and that I would prefer if it wasn’t disclosed to others?

The topic is that I’ll have to take leave due sudden illness of a close family member as my last duty. I don’t see that anyone else other than the individuals in the email need to know.

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How to ask a superior to keep something discreet / confidential

You shouldn’t need to disclose the exact circumstances around your leave to anyone (with one exception, see below). Simply say “due to an unforeseen family event, I need to take leave for SOME_PERIOD.” Your employer does not need to know the full details of this, and you should not disclose anything you aren’t comfortable disclosing.

The exception: If you’re in the US and taking leave under the provisions of FMLA (or a similar law elsewhere), you may need to disclose the relationship between you and the person who connecting singles reviews has fallen ill (to verify that it’s valid use of FMLA). Continua a leggere

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