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Among the smoother kamasutra sexual ranks, the woman depends on the woman right back together with her feet throughout the air

This lady bottom must be during the side of brand new sleep along with her foot have to be crossed. The person stands against their and you can holds on to the lady base if you find yourself he penetrates this lady.

64. The new Ape

The man lies on their as well as provides their legs up so you can their bust. Her lies upon her partner facing out of your as he rests their legs for her back and penetrates their. Their spends her base so you’re able to harmony and you will control this new motion.

65. New Reclining Lotus

This status requires many freedom throughout the woman, exactly who lies for her back together with her feet crossed.

66. Wide-opened

The woman lies for her right back with a pillow under their lead. The guy kneels anywhere between the girl feet and slides his thighs below the lady back into increase her pelvis as he gets in the lady.

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