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One loan helped a coffee farmer get back into business

East Lansing has no shortage of people who, first and foremost, believe that the value of your education is in enabling them to have an impact. Spartan Global helps them do that, but it’s their drive that is the true human resource, Thelen said.

SGDF has deeply impacted the lives of small entrepreneurs to whom they have extended loans, Stenzel said. A motorcycle repairman is building his small business thanks to a SGDF microloan. He used our SGDF loan to buy new coffee plants to replace those destroyed by roya,’ a coffee rust that is destroying coffee plantations throughout Central America.

The interest-free loans are underwritten by donors that range from corporate sponsors to individuals raised by student development volunteers, and through a loan repayment rate around an astounding 99 percent

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Through microfinance and fair and direct trade, families are able to make choices that improve their lives, Stenzel said, adding that improved incomes have allowed people to gain access to running water, indoor plumbing, and other necessities taken for granted by people in wealthier nations.

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