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Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit for Tax Year 2021 Details


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I. When setting up your online account, do not enter a temporary email address such as a workplace or college email. Permanent email addresses are required for issuing tax credit awards and for all future correspondence from us.

II. If you already have an existing OneStop account from a previous year, you are advised to use it again this year.

III. Entering more than one application in the same application year puts your application at risk of being eliminated. Do not abandon an application that you already started. You can save it and return to it later.

The following documents are required to be included with your Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit Application. Fillable/changeable documents such as Word or Excel are not acceptable. Please submit all documents in PDF format.

I. Documentation from your lenders showing the educational loans that qualify for the credit. Documentation must include: -lender’s name, address, and phone number; and

The college loan debt information and documents must be in the name of the applicant, not a parent or other person. Failure to provide proper lender documents could disqualify your application. Please do not get disqualified due to incorrect lender documents. Click here to see examples of lender document Do’s and Don’ts.


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