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Hurricane Iris 2001 Iris first became a tropical despair simply east for the lesser Antilles on 4 October.

Allison brought tropical-storm-force winds and above normal tides to portions regarding the Texas and Louisiana coasts. Nonetheless, the legacy that is greatest of this cyclone ended up being the widespread hefty rains and ensuing floods over the whole course for the cyclone (figure). Houston, Texas, ended up being the worst affected region, while the Port of Houston reported 36.99 ins and many other areas reported significantly more than 30 ins (figure). The storm additionally spawned 23 tornadoes. Allison ended up being in charge of 41 fatalities as well as minimum $5 billion in harm in the us, which makes it the deadliest and costliest U. S. tropical storm of record.

Hurricane Iris 2001 Iris first became a tropical despair simply east associated with lesser Antilles on 4 October. The despair monitored west-northwestward to the eastern Caribbean where it became a tropical storm on the fifth and a hurricane in the 6th. Iris then switched westward, moving simply south of Jamaica regarding the 7th. The storm then relocated quickly west-southwestward toward the shore of Belize because it became a little but Category that is powerful 4 regarding the 8th (figure). Iris made landfall over southern Belize in early stages the 9th at Category 4 intensity, then quickly weakened after landfall to dissipation later on that day.

The winds and storm surges of Iris caused serious harm over portions regarding the southern Belize coastline. The storm had been in charge of 31 fatalities, including 20 in Belize, 8 in Guatemala, and 3 when you look at the Dominican Republic. The fatalities in Belize happened as soon as the M/V Wave Dancer capsized in slot, killing 20 associated with 28 individuals up to speed.

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