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Satisfy Wendi Deng, the new evil genius exactly who hangs with Ivanka and you may (probably) bangs Putin

2 days in the past, Ivanka Trump had written a secondary sample out of Croatia with Wendi Deng Murdoch, a lady most commonly known on her taste for the supervillain-top evil boys: first as partner of billionaire News Corp lead and traditions disagreement interesting Rupert Murdoch; now, into the an effective rumor that appears more such as for example an undeniable fact, given that partner away from the one and only Vladimir Putin. Deng Murdoch, it appears to be, could have been a buddy regarding Trump’s for some time: She’s already been paid that have installing this new Republican nominee’s dous person try relationship other famous people,” a pal shortly after informed Style , “chances are that Wendi Murdoch lead them together.”)

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