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Walmart Class Action States Green Dot Prepaid Cards Are Compromised

A class that is recent lawsuit claims that Walmart negligently enables scammers to take Green Dot prepaid Visa card information.

Walmart offers a few prepaid Visa cards, including services and products through Green Dot Bank. Relating to A walmart that is recent Dot class action, these cards might be at risk of fraudulence.

Plaintiff Guillermo Espinoza claims he bought two $500 prepaid Green Dot Visa cards in February 2019, that he meant to used to spend their lease in March.

The afternoon after he bought the Green Dot cards, Espinoza apparently experimented with make re payment on their lease and then be rejected many times because of “insufficient funds.”

Espinoza presumably went returning to their regional Walmart and asked an associate for guidance. The worker apparently told him to test once again later on into the day or even the overnight, “stating that she thought it could take several days for the cards to stimulate.”

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