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Frequently asked questions into the Being able to access brand new Dark Net Securely

  • Prevent include-ons. Tor immediately blocks particular connect-inches (for example Flash, RealPlayer, and Quicktime) – hackers enjoys controlled them to get users’ genuine Internet protocol address tackles when you look at the for the last because they’re out-of Tor developers’ handle. Add-ons and you will browser extensions may bring about record through internet browser fingerprinting.
  • Disable JavaScript on the Tor web browser. This is because – inside the 2013, hackers discovered a means to track pages because of the being able to access their lesson information, and this JavaScript given.
  • Do not alter the size of the Tor screen. This can lead to someone tracking your thanks to browser fingerprinting.
  • Shelter the digital camera plus audio speaker. You can do this with some opaque tape. It protects you against cybercriminals wanting to hijack their equipment for gathering unwanted tracks of you.
  • Research internet sites just before going to them. Only availability backlinks and you can other sites you can rely on.
  • Keep an eye on what you unlock. Don’t just click pop-ups, adverts, otherwise any suspicious requests.
  • Discover your packages offline. If you down load a file regarding the dark internet, disable the online prior to opening they. Beginning they while you are connected may potentially drip your genuine Ip target.
  • Explore a protection-concentrated Operating-system.TAILS is one example – I also advise that your work on it out of a detachable push. Continua a leggere