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Archangel Gabriel, this new “Eco-friendly Qu’Bathtub,” twenty six otherwise Metatron, the new prince of archangels (new account will vary)

27 The education offered at Ichazo’s Arica Institute boasts preparing having and you will manner of contacting some higher beings, such as Metatron, that have exactly who Ichazo himself has been around get in touch with. twenty eight One of the tries of training offered by Ichazo’s Arica Institute would be to put the cutting-edge college student towards the experience of a keen indoor grasp, the brand new “Environmentally friendly Qu’Tub,” that is expected to are present at some point in its invention. 29

That isn’t clear to what the quantity Ichazo states possess discovered the new enneagram physically due to converse with a top heart and you will by themselves of contact with Gurdjieff and his disciples or Sufism. Continua a leggere