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Then i performed this new performance, it absolutely was ok

I think? Lawa? Have no idea. What i see its Burning beautiful . I found myself squinting my personal vision for example furious to avoid sunlight, did not actually irritate easily made errors. HAHA. Talor. After that We fulfilled ADIEY . He is large-emergency room than simply me age. That has been like rapidly! Last year I became large. Just what did the guy consume? a beneficial haks. Nyway. Bought an effective SnoCone. I am so hooked on they because of the panasness of your padang. hohoho. After that came across Lynz again. Grabbed photo which have Mirin . Then Lynz asserted that Hanna wanted to communicate with me so badly, i happened to be such as for instance “ahhaa? extremely? malu ku eh!” lol. Lead to I did sent Hann a quite good num ber of testi within the friendster. As an alternative I curi-curi got their photo versus her observing me starting one to. lol. *wink*

Following blah-blah. Finale over. Blah blah blah. Mala s must chat bout they. Hohoho. Following as we all done, i walked so you’re able to St. James so you can makan. Then it proved it was simply for the fresh new taekwando people, the new PJN children dont. So sial ah this one girl, he wade and you may marah sir i am talking about as with main2 los angeles. But Sir did not make the jokes therefore the guy ran KABLOOOEEEYYY. Marah brabis. What i’m saying is I am biasa sudah listening to your marah2. Continua a leggere