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These comments function the newest core off Warhol’s certain reaction to Swenson’s indicated concern: ‘Precisely what do you state throughout the homosexuals?

Removing all the word nearby Warhol’s statements ‘folks is a good machine’ and ‘anyone should instance everybody’ converts him or her to the wilfully unknown, blank comments regarding the consumerism and you may serial design. But that’s not what these were. ‘

In tandem, Warhol plus refuses to determine ‘homosexuality’ inside pseudo-Freudian terminology

From the asserting you to definitely his ‘whole interviews […] simply toward homosexuality’ must start that have an acknowledgement you to definitely ‘every Pop music painters aren’t homosexual’, Warhol pre-emptively upends the idea you to definitely Pop comprises a ‘homosexual’ rejoinder to the macho excesses out of Abstract Expressionism. Warhol refuses to identify Pop music centered on just what it resists-declining, put another way, in order to suture Pop towards the a reliant relationship on brand new main-stream away from higher modernist graphic phrase in america. He suggests rather in order to perform a beneficial ‘entire interview […] simply on the homosexuality’ premised towards confounding, provocative, ‘distinct from direct’ ‘fantasy’, because the Warhol phone calls it, one to ‘folks should be a machine’ and you may ‘everybody should such as for instance everybody’. Continua a leggere