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Unless you provides an enthusiastic embassy, you cannot do things in that way


To create an embassy which have a society, and this requires the tech Writing, struck Move + Age to create within the espionage monitor. Next, select the civilization we should introduce one out of, and pick “Create Embassy” (it can make suggestions simply how much it costs). Anyone can inform you possess a keen embassy which have a society as there will be a red-colored dot close to the leaderhead visualize toward F4 International Advisor display screen. In addition to, that have a keen embassy, you can view any alternative cultures he has met too as just what cultures they are at combat/serenity having on F4 International Coach display. You’ll be able to undertake espionage objectives such as for instance examining a district of theirs, otherwise attempting to inexpensive a trend (if you also can have fun with spies, which can be keeps most readily useful opportunity).

Spies aren’t gadgets about online game – that is, you don’t disperse her or him around towards chart, neither is it possible you ‘build’ them. However, spies getting readily available once you generate brand new Cleverness Agency (provided with Communism), and when you are doing, you might ‘plant’ them in another civilization (inside their money area). They particular just appear on papers, because there is not a picture to them to the map. So you can plant good spy once you have established the latest IA, struck Shift + Age and you can visit the espionage display. Then you can find the culture we need to plant a spy during the, afford the gold, and you can promise it works (the odds so you’re able to bush a beneficial spy count on government, but it is doing 50-60%). If it’s not effective, this new AI might be annoyed from the both you and you will claim battle – if it’s, however, you now have numerous ‘missions’ to deal with away from you to definitely spy for the civilization simply:

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