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Member log in + character getting tinder I already know just the fresh new Es locations associate info, which is already geosharded

In the event the X happens to correct swipe Y , then an admission like “X_Y” enters Redis and you can actually leaves it it is. Now when Y best swipe X , however the same process goes, meets staff member picks the message and you can checks from inside the Redis environment “X keeps actually ever best-swiped Y’ we.elizabeth we will definitely pick key “X_Y” and look for the metadata, meaning that a match has actually taken place and you can message will input the latest paired waiting line which will get chose because of the meets notification and you can by way of internet outlet directs they in order to both X and you will Y claiming “It’s a complement”.

When the for some reason, X has never correct swiped Y following what bile seznamovací aplikace takes place? Upcoming just a record “Y_X” will get into Redis and that is it. when X correct swipe back Y up coming in advance of incorporating the primary it does try to find the key.

3) Passport Feature: Whenever a person moves from just one Region/location to several other (could be travel or moving to different locations). This can be happening within the city, condition otherwise country. When user discover brand new app away from new place a demand was posting into the servers along with the assistance of the location mapper Study of one’s member regarding earlier location cell’s shard when the moved to the fresh Place cell’s shard.

let us simply have an extra API present out-of Parece to incorporate certain report details. Continua a leggere