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‘A Sweet Girl As You’ Review: Lucy Hale Shows Off Rom-Com Chops in Predictable Porn Comedy

The Riedell brothers’ undertake Ayn Carrillo-Gailey’s spicy memoir “Pornology” is mainly paint by the figures, but its leading lady offers charm that is real.

Jul 17 senior, 2020 9:00 am

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“A Nice Girl As If You”

Over about ten years ago, journalist Ayn Carrillo-Gailey embarked on a quest to show an ex-boyfriend incorrect. She rolled down a variety of lusty to-dos (head to an intercourse shop, host a adult toy party, discover ways to provide great dental sex) to demonstrate as he had pronounced her to be, “pornphobic. that she was not,” the end result had been the amusing (and enlightening) memoir “Pornology,” which includes now spawned a unique sanitized, if sweet rom-com film adaptation. It’s a precious concept for a film (well, precious enough to encourage lots simply want it, from “The To Do List” to “Sex Drive”), the kind that follows a charming lead because they stumble their means into real pleasure as well as other kinds of individual enlightenment.

Filmmaking brothers Chris and Nick Riedell may possibly not be breaking any new ground along with their “A Nice Girl as she is unsure of how to make it work for her like you,” but the duo at least had the foresight to cast Lucy Hale as Carrillo-Gailey’s movie stand-in, a straight-laced classical violinist who isn’t so much afraid of sex. Continua a leggere