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XTC THE POWER This position is very good if you’re in search of a various feeling.

The Bagpipes THE ADVANTAGE if you want to rim him, too if you really want to bury your face in a man’s balls, this position allows plenty of scope—and both hands are free to use a dam. THE JUST HOW TO the guy does a handstand ( or if perhaps that’s too demanding, a shoulderstand). The girl kneels right in front of him and utilizes her pps and tongue to stimulate their balls or anal area (or both) while her hand works their shaft right into a madness. ADDITIONAL CREDIT The man’s penis is with in pne because of the woman’s breasts, therefore you desire if you’ve always wanted a pearl necklace, you’re sure to get the gift.

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Bow to Your Master THE POWER If he’s a breast guy, he’ll love viewing your boobs bounce in this position as you suck him.

Think long, slow laps as opposed to deep-throat: it is about adoring your man’s bits from root to tip. THE JUST HOW TO the girl sits in the couch. Continua a leggere