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Let me tell you on how to hookup gfi socket no ground

Exactly How to Ground a Nongrounding-type Receptacle

An gear grounding conductor shall never be connected through the GFCI receptacle that doesn’t have a gear grounding conductor to virtually any other socket given by the GFCI receptacle, plus a gear grounding conductor shall never be linked between grounding-type receptacles which can be protected by way of a GFCI kind receptacle which has had no gear grounding conductor.

Got that! Good. In addition they wonder why electricians are paid plenty. All things considered this we nevertheless do not have a grounding conductor for the computer when there isn’t one available in the place that is first. But wait, all we need to do is get to some other Code making Panel to check out whatever they need to state about this. Panel No. 2 writes Article 210, but Panel # 5 writes Article 250. And in 250-50(a b that is)and( Exception it states, “For replacement of nongrounding-type receptacles with grounding-type receptacles as well as for branch-circuit extensions just in current installments which do not have an gear grounding conductor within the branch-circuit, the grounding conductor of the grounding-type receptacle socket will be allowed become grounded to your available point in the grounding electrode system as described in 250-81.” And. the 1996 Code allows this connection at any point that is accessible the grounding electrode conductor.

It to any accessible point on the grounding electrode conductor (after the 1996 NEC is adopted) so we can add a grounding-type receptacle to an existing system that does not have an equipment grounding conductor and ground the grounding terminal to the first 5 feet of water pipe that enters the building if this pipe is metal and part of the grounding electrode, or connect.

Now anybody understands, you simply do not run a cable any longer without finding down all of the rules that apply. Continua a leggere