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2. ‘The Teenager Is Very Mature, Though – Age is simply lots’

I’ve a pal who’s brilliant, and has now been from a tremendously early age. As an adolescent, she could talk philosophy, she ended up being reading university or graduate-level books, and she had lots of psychological cleverness and understanding, both for by herself as well as other people she knew. In most these methods, she had been a rather mature teenager.

She ended up being precisely the variety of person lots of people point out if they say, “I concur that more often than not adults should not be sex that is having teenagers, but this teenager is really so mature, she’s fundamentally a grownup currently!”

Yet this buddy of mine, along with her knowledge and self-knowledge, had been profoundly harmed by numerous of her teenage experiences that are sexual.

We speak about “maturity” as if it is a solitary concept, however in reality there are plenty various kinds of maturity. Continua a leggere