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Hitched, Yet Not Exclusive. For many couples, one relationship just isn’t sufficient

During the exact same time, regional partners state polyamory provides a getaway through the social trappings of Washington

There’s no maintaining the Joneses in poly groups. That is, unless the Joneses would like an one-night stand.

Claims Jonah: “In DC, pay a visit to occasions and everybody is posturing over for which you work, that which you do. It is exhausting. Within the poly community, individuals hook up to possess a very good time. You’re linking more on a level that is interpersonal. I knew some body for over 3 years before We also knew exactly what he did, and I also had been surprised by exactly how high up in federal government he had been. Into the poly community, it is maybe perhaps maybe not about whom you understand; it is who you might be.”

When I reported this tale, one concern kept coming in your thoughts: how come these partners have hitched at all? Have you thought to simply remain solitary and date multiple individuals? Continua a leggere