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Why Game of Thrones Arya Sex Scene simply does not stay Right

Sure, celebrate the union of two lovebirds—but in this critic’s opinion, Arya’s arc missed a couple of key actions

“Hang on—how old is Arya Stark? ” Is a concern you have been curious about Sunday evening, once the teenage assassin played by Maisie Williams jumped the bones of noted Westeros hottie Gendry (Joe Dempsie) on which could be the night that is last of everyday lives. In almost every other means, this tale is sorts of classic. Two people who’ve been looking at one another for a couple periods finally setting it up on whenever their concern with losing each other overrides everything else—that’s television Drama 101. Replace the establishing a little, plus it’s an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s great to see Arya getting hers, if it’s this that she wishes, and definitely she deserves some delight where it can be found by her.

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