GWBush did much more problems for our freedoms than Al Qeada actually ever performed and Obama goes on it

people are half-asleep about these problems! We’re now tortuting anyone! One thing our very own nation would-have-been upwards in weapon at onetime about I wish to consider! Megan CA

to safeguard and serve ! rather the sdpd as opposed to exploring and mediating they are unjustly taking simple s to prison merely to have no fees submitted against the specific as well as leaping to conclusions together with simple become railroaded by community defenders company to plead guilty or the cost will likely be risking discovered gulity and or a lot of money and time in custody all hte exact same KNOWINGLY PROESSURING DEFENDANTS INTO A GUILY PLEA MELANIE CA

America of The usa no longer is for anyone or because of the anyone! All of our political leadership commonly worried about what is perfect for people and commence taking advantage of their unique functions being imagine to support people regarding the usa we’re a global broken down within it’s own personal in every single part eg political figures, anyone, nations, family! Melanie KY

Liberty is certainly not no-cost we must continually fight for our versatility the moment we turn our very own backs to the civil liberties, they’ll be taken away stand-up for the rights! Melissa GA

We promise to always stand-up for my personal constitutional legal rights as well as someone else who dislike upwards on their own melissa WA

Either must extract it along or we all have been doomed having a bleak and enslaved potential future!

To guard the structure, we should understand it and comprehend it’s meaning It isn’t really simply a keyword, this is the heart of The united states Melita ID

It’s intolerable to use this awful operate to help expand damage the American individuals with unconstitutional and unlawful tactics like the Patriot work as well as other violations of power Melody AZ

To living no-cost, we must not allowed concern tip our lives to safeguard the independence, we ought to conquer all of our fears Mercedes NJ

In my opinion your fundamental liberties to liberty and justice should prevail for all together with tasks information for law enforcement end up being because use to end up being and claims for each product auto

Freedom isn’t only bodily, independence within one home to do what one needs, i mean freedom to face upwards for your liberties, freedm to get who you are, maybe not sublect yourself to become just who ‘they’ want you become FREEDOM to assist each other for the struggles we all get threw, INDEPENDENCE ahead together and start to become a sound to recken with! ALWAYS REMEMBER THE INDEPENDENCE AND PEOPLE THAT COMBAT FOR ALL OF US and dnt discover all of us KEEPING they! function as the changes you wanna read on the planet THANKS A LOT TO PEOPLE who lives and died for VERSATILITY wages it forward Merrissa CA

No body should forget but the everyone has given the Taliban precisely what they wanted the United States to reside in worry on every day in the day time hours foundation adequate already! You have to prevent your body looks in the flight terminals They manage united states like burglars and remove our very own legal rights as Us americans taught pets could perform some same task, best much better! And get gone the snooping Patriot work this might be The usa, actually they? Merritt DE

As an United states citizen we say Lets join collectively to insist that liberty prevails NO torture, NO concentrating on of people because of their battle or religion, and STOP the unlimited war! Mha Atma CA

/ really should not be the excuse to get rid of the municipal liberties it must give us most courage to implement the freedoms there is, maybe not subtract them I am not saying worried Michael CA

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