In short, you need faith, hope and love for Jesus, and to repent of all your past and current sins

Michael the Archangel 14) Develop a deep relationship with the Blessed Mother15) Seek out Saints who are powerful against demons

In short, your logic is twisted. Recognizing that the demons hate crucifixes should be the very reason to use them all the more. ..and by the way, you can’t “anger them more”, for they are already completely full of anger and hatred. Then the demons will flee from you.

Catholics. The instructions I will give are a homogenization of years of research, practice, and results. I have spent thousands of hours reading how the Saints dealt with demonic activity. I have also spent an equal amount of time in prayer, contemplation, and conversation with Lay and Religious. This is what you must do in order to rid your life of demons.

1) Find a Confessor (a Priest) who you can talk to like a friend2) Make sure he is openly and aggressively involved in the fight against the real presence of evil3) Go to Confession at least every other week4) Enlist your confessor’s help in all that you do5) Sever your connections with the Occult. Find out where it came from music (conscious or unconscious Baphomet Worship), drugs, clubs, Ouija boards, psychics, etc…)6) Sever your connection with Demons. Your might have consciously or unconsciously invited them in. For instance, you may be sex crazed, you may desire to be wanted by the opposite sex so much that you give your soul away without knowing it, you e, power, lust, greed, etc…. you must reject all of these…. Seek the help of your Priest 7) Receive Jesus in the Eucharist at least once a week 8) Have your Priest bless your home9) Get Holy Water10) Bless your front door, bedroom door, spot above your bed, and self with the sign of the Cross using Holy Water every night11) Bless yourself every morning12) Develop a deep relationship with your Guardian Angel 13) Develop a deep relationship with St. St. Benedict, St. Augustine, St. Louis Marie DeMontfort, St. Padre Pio, are just a few16) Get a St. Benedict Crucifix Blessed and wear it every night when you sleep17) Keep your St. Benedict Crucifix on your person at all times18) Get a Rosary Blessed19) Use it as much as possible20) Keep it on you21) Make sure there is a Blessed Crucifix somewhere in the highest point of your home22) Make sure there is a Blessed Crucifix a top the wall where your head lays at night23) You must work hard not to succumb to temptation. Whatever it is for you. Fight.24) When you fall. Get up fast.25) Leave your email if you want more help.

I need help. I have this spirit or entity that follows me. And when I mean follow me, I really mean it. I can say that this appear to have started like mid-last year. I began to have nightmares all of the sudden. This was like maybe like 5 times a week. I didnt knew what was wrong.

And for God’s sakes, put a crucifix around your neck and some on the walls of your home and meditate on the infinite sacrifice and love of Jesus who died on the cross for you

Now let me state that as a kid I saw my shares of spirits or ghosts. One time as a kid, I woke up in the middle of the night but didnt opened my eyes, when I did though I saw this kid that was very small, almost the height of my head that was glowing in baby-blue. When our eyes connected, he gasp and vanished in less than half a second. I ended up seeing this thing like maybe 2-3 more times in different locations vanishing.

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