Juvia starts the lady big date that have a bath and you can appears to be really cheerful

As the she exits the girl flat, she matches Erza, Wendy and you may Carla. You to definitely being expected concerning cause for the lady joyfulness, she demonstrates to you so it has been 413 months because she satisfied Grey. Wendy and you will Carla don’t understand the lady, but Erza is apparently caught up when you look at the Juvia’s thrill and shows that Juvia provide Grey a show draw which affair. Although Juvia is interested on prospect, she’s little idea what you should promote Gray, thus she decides to inquire the other lady from the dormitory because of their viewpoint.

Immediately following inquiring the new viewpoint of the almost every other lady on the dorm, she in the long run to the guild and get the new thoughts of your own members of brand new guild. Juvia score offer

Natsu Takes a village [ ]

Class Natsu and you will Makarov Dreyar, under the keen frontrunners regarding Delighted, is lost about Clover Canyon when you are trying to head back so you’re able to Magnolia City.

It remain exploring until they discover a town. At first they are keen, while they believe there could be food truth be told there. However,, because they venture into the fresh village, it find that it’s totally empty. The new homes contain new restaurants inside them, but no populace are around. This is going to make her or him doubtful of your land, and you can Erza purchases group to analyze and not touching your meal no matter what delicious they appear. Very first, in the event, she decides to upload Natsu, Gray, Happy and you may Lucy to collect certain mushrooms. They actually do so, although in the they, they eat certain.

Filler Episode [ ]

Consequently, some mushrooms develop regarding Gray’s and you can Natsu’s thoughts. The 2 people having mushrooms on the thoughts make fun of after which argue when you find yourself Happier consumes one also, causing good mushroom to enhance away from his direct also. Lucy upcoming observe because the mushrooms on their brains seem to be bringing large. On the borders of the Town, they hear muffled moaning music. Gray’s and you will Natsu’s mushrooms drop off, but Happy’s will not. It go back to the new town, and you will, after they walk-in, a floor begins to be noticeable. The fresh houses begin moving as well, and you can Delighted believes he or she is waving within him. They go up increased cliff disregarding the community and to see the latest property abruptly become creatures. Moments later, they see that the is during a well known fact a long blocked Secret called Live, which is capable of turning inanimate target towards living creatures. However they conclude that seams it saw prior to can be found in truth a secret Community that brought about brand new activation of beast. The latest town was actually most likely a dark Guild’s community as the of your quantity of Phenomenal Gadgets it provides (hence Erza had found in a lost before) and their use of Taboo Secret. But not, it set such facts buddygays aside although focusing on on fact the monsters try live, Natsu, Grey and Erza attack, thinking they can eat they. Happy together with duels with a little monster chair. Erza cuts a number of the parts, Natsu injury her or him and Gray freezes him or her, immediately after which each of them preference the newest monster. not, the new creatures every liking really gross and you will although not starving they may be, the beasts was something they never consume. If the beasts reconstitute, the team goes on their symptoms. Now, Lucy summons Taurus and you may she battles as well. Immediately following specific blows, a disturbance uses, plus one Magic network try activated. This time around, they all precipitate in it.

Much later, he’s viewed nevertheless without trouble, strolling and you will famished. It discovered that the latest beast was in fact a complete community loaded with individuals who was in fact Taken over by creatures they composed. Makarov had made the brand new villagers pledge never to carry out you to unsafe Secret Circle once again and they will be grateful it offers become undone. not, when requested how it are undone, he advised him or her that there is you don’t need to perspiration from the details. Erza suspects that it was Makarov just who closed the latest network and you may annulled the Take over, but the guy wouldn’t prove this. As they continue the trip, that words is actually heard: “We’re nevertheless starving!” [80]

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