Archangel Gabriel, this new “Eco-friendly Qu’Bathtub,” twenty six otherwise Metatron, the new prince of archangels (new account will vary)

27 The education offered at Ichazo’s Arica Institute boasts preparing having and you will manner of contacting some higher beings, such as Metatron, that have exactly who Ichazo himself has been around get in touch with. twenty eight One of the tries of training offered by Ichazo’s Arica Institute would be to put the cutting-edge college student towards the experience of a keen indoor grasp, the brand new “Environmentally friendly Qu’Tub,” that is expected to are present at some point in its invention. 29

That isn’t clear to what the quantity Ichazo states possess discovered the new enneagram physically due to converse with a top heart and you will by themselves of contact with Gurdjieff and his disciples or Sufism. They are insistent toward originality out of their enneagram concept 31 and you may states which he had discovered this is of the enneagram prior to understanding Gudjieff. 31 The guy states features read Sufism in identical Pamir mountain area for Main Asia where Gurdjieff had advertised having journeyed. thirty two Even though it scarcely seems possible one Ichazo didn’t learn the basics of brand new enneagram courtesy Gurdjieff’s exercises (especially as Ichazo themselves understands that the investigation classification into the Buenos Aires to which he’d belonged is discovering Gurdjieff’s really works 33 ), around seems to be absolutely nothing disagreement one Ichazo’s types of accessibility the enneagram with regards to 9 personality products will not derive off Gurdjieff.

Thanks to this, getting an effective Christian to subscribe to such as numerology is to end up in a type of superstition

As for Sufism, Ichazo profile that he saw the new enneagram symbol when you find yourself seeing an effective Sufi purchase during the Afghanistan, but your Sufis don’t understand the better meaning and you will that he were able to establish more of its definition than simply their hosts. 34 Ichazo asserted: “I understand Sufism commonly — You will find experienced traditional zhikr, prayer, reflection — and that i see know Sufi sheiks. They [the fresh new enneagram] is not part of their theoretic build. It did not care less about the Enneagon [Ichazo’s label with the enneagram].” 35 They are dismissive ones exactly who attempt to soil brand new authority of the enneagram when you look at the an expected Sufi resource.

Claudio Naranjo, a good psychologist trying to find psychopharmacology and effects of hallucinogenic pills who had been a fellow on University out of Ca in the Berkeley, in 1969 visited Santiago to go to Ichazo’s lectures on Institute getting Used Therapy. Through to their get back, he pass on the expression on the Ichazo owing to his manage new Esalen Institute, a heart having “option studies,” predicated on combining certain philosophies out of Eastern and you may Western. Naranjo are one of many group of regarding the fifty just who originated from the us within the 1970 to learn lower than Ichazo, even though he had been asked to leave immediately after seven days, frequently after the private conflicts that have Ichazo. In the 1971, he designed his or her own school, Seekers Shortly after Truth, and you can first started teaching their own style of esoteric d got a beneficial central set. Their types of contribution to help you enneagram practise seems to be new relationship of insights from Ichazo’s enneagram principle which have the ones from Western mindset. For decades he did not talk about new enneagram, regardless of if his pupils such Helen Palmer do start the profusion off guides and you may classes on enneagram. J., whom first produced brand new enneagram into Catholic community.

It absolutely was a variety of out of Naranjo’s children, such as for example Robert Ochs, S

Therefore, the fresh new you will need to adapt new enneagram so you’re able to Christianity as the a hack private religious innovation suggests nothing vow away from providing large benefit on Christian people.

The obvious weakness out of enneagram exercises is the numerology into it would depend. Enneagram educators mount higher importance to particular quantity, such as for instance, the fresh decimals as a consequence of the new division of one because of the 7 and by the about three. So it numerological concept finds no support, but not, in either the present day technology out-of character otherwise Christian practise.

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