Plaintext passwords galore in great AdultFriendFinder tool. The web site was actually assured with a regional file introduction exploit, therefore the website’s rule enabled use of data of the server that aren’t meant to be general public

AdultFriendFinder was compromised (again) in Oct 2016. Based on LeakedSource, which acquired a copy belonging to the dataset, this sums to well over 400m reports, numerous with plaintext passwords, from AdultFriendFinder and linked internet.

The site would be offered with a nearby data addition take advantage of, this means the internet site’s code let usage of data files to the machine that aren’t said to be community.

About a million account get the password. Much more than 100,000 possess code “password”.

The non-plaintext accounts were conveniently damaged anyhow, it seems that from some roll-your-own encoding that required lowercasing all, SHA1ing it and going back to bed. The greatest passwords comprise “pussy.passwordLimitExceeded:07/1″ and “gladiatoreetjaimelesexetjaimefum”, with a Blackadder supporter in 3 with “antidisestablishmentarianism” and a sybarite who checks out XKCD in 4 with “pussypussymoneymoneyweedweed.”

Hotmail had been the mon mail supplier, followed closely by Yahoo and gmail. These three taken into account most signed up contact, with AOL and living your order of magnitude down.

Leaked Starting Point actually making the reports put openly offered; yet if they have got they, other individuals might too.

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I did not shit my personal trousers at McDonalds two-and-a-half decades earlier, Australian premier Minister insists

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12 a very long time in prison for Florida policeman who planted pills on drivers

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Flat groceries simulation

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It really is summer and a humidifier is now more valuable than ever. These 10 end up on purchase these days

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These followers could possibly be your very best line of defense come early july and they’re all for sale

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