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Without a doubt more about Girl away from you

through the record album MADE Р’В· Copyright: Writer(s): Dominick Lamb, Tremaine Neverson, Brad Jordan, Lenny Williams, Michael Bennett Lyrics Terms of good use

Advisory – the following words contain explicit language:

Yeah, just what would you suggest, where am we at? I? ll call you straight straight back

Woman you realize, girl you realize we, we, we Girl you realize we, we, I adore you Girl you understand, woman you realize I, we, I Girl you understand I, I, I like you

I believe if Adam would? ve had another squeeze he may not need ate those fruits through the leaves of light Far as Eve, it mightn’t have been the more wife that is deceiving nigga had a poor spot, she had been right

I simply call it the way I view it, she deeply in love with him in which he in love too but nonetheless be fucking them all can you envisage you in lock with one breeze for a lifetime? Getting out of bed in the early morning, setting up at night


Because of the exact same face searching at you on a regular basis Realizing given that joy had been difficult to get? You wanna venture out and try to look for that face and smile Plus she actually is constantly mad and her sex ain’t great

And she do not draw dick that you can’t forget like she used to do Force a nigga into trying to find him something new And on the real, I done seen it when it went like this But girl, there’s one thing happening

Woman you realize, girl you know I, we, we Girl you realize we, we, Everyone loves you Girl you understand, woman you realize we, we, we Girl you understand we, I, I adore you

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