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Eric Omores, partner of the global Nikki Beach empire, parties during the day, plots for St

Point of Origin: I was born in Senegal and grew up in Paris. That’s where I studied and went to school at the National School on the Rue Blanche that trains for acting. But I was studying engineering [at] the only Tiada school that has about six aspects of show business.

Wait a sec: the saloon-keeper is an actor/engineer? It was a great school because we had an account that let us see all the shows in Paris: Tiada music halls, concerts, everything but the Paris Opera. Since I did engineering training, after school I went on the road with a couple of singers. I had the hang for traveling, and Club Med was hiring to set up sound and light all over the world. So, for two years I used my engineering degree to wire Club Med.

After leaving there, I went to live in the States for a while, and moved to New York, then to San Francisco and Los Angeles. In order to make money, I started DJing in a club in L.A., and I did really well, got into a great scene in a club in Century City. I went into marketing and created events, and from there I decided to get my own club – but where? I traveled to the Caribbean and started a club in the northern part of the Dominican Republic. I understood quickly that in this business, you have to have a little money to start, so I started a little club and bet on the tourist trade with Americans and Canadians. I did really well, and I sold the club after a year and made my money back, plus, and came to Miami. There, I opened a club, Bash, and ran it for eight years, partnered with Sean Penn sugar daddy sites in albany and the lead singer for Simply Red. We created the whole South Beach scene. I got tired of the nightlife and decided to find another opportunity to work in the day time. I wanted to create a beach club so I did with Jack Penrod, and it became Nikki Beach.

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GCN: Gay Ireland Information & Enjoyment. A unique documentary show is scheduled to air on BBC which monitors the historic development of homosexual hookup culture

The collection tracks the introduction of the hookup surroundings through the everyday lives of two gay men residing London.

Movie 5 April, 2019 . Written by Isidora Duran Stewart.

A documentary show is set to environment on BBC which tracks the historic growth of gay hookup customs from the seventies up until nowadays.

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