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Information required on problem with SMOK Vape Pen Plus

Beginner vaper. It was working fine for about a day then the flavor started burning so I bought this pen about 5 days ago and. Figured this had one thing related to the coil therefore I replaced it utilizing the spare coil. The pen then did the thing that is same a later date. After consulting a far more experienced vaper, he explained the atomizer coils burnt out rather quickly and suggested me to get an innovative new coil as changing the cotton regarding the atomizer had been instead irritating. I desired to test for myself though and took aside both coils, replaced the cotton, (my wicking abilities are not the most effective however it gets the task done, used Cotton Bacon version 2.0 cotton) washed the coils (i.e. warming up the coils after which immersing them in water to eradicate the gunk accumulated in it). Place the coils right right back (one end out from the rubber touching that base plate thing regarding the coil that closes it up and the other in the plastic) and tested it out last night plus it worked.

Nevertheless today i noticed that the vape fluid had been leaking out of somewhere from the pen, So i cleaned up the pen then tested it (it worked), however now (at the time of a few hours ago) both coils don’t appear to be working/heating up. These devices turns on and while up on, whenever you hit the fire switch, the lights that are LED and blinks 3-5 times (can not really say cos it blinks instead fast, but I would imagine it is almost certainly going to be blinking 4/5 times) nevertheless the unit does not fire or create smoke. Continua a leggere