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Flat soil Charts, measuring, satellite pictures and pics associated with environment from space clearly show the planet is actually a world.

However, the tin-foil cap brigade insist all this type of facts try designed in a “round world conspiracy” orchestrated by Nasa or administration companies.

Members set aside big effort to showing the planet try flat, compiling their unique verification in various websites and videos.

The Flat world world says the program, mostly in Britain as well as the me, has expanded by 200 year after year since 2009.

Planet by (or Nibiru) while the world today

Nibiru is one other name for globe X, which it is claimed will eliminate all civilization.

Several alternatives into theory, but all claim that the menacing planet is actually bearing down on the Solar System.

Some feel it will freeze directly into world, shattering the planet into a cloud of dust. Continua a leggere