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Teen Warned Father’s Sweetheart Of Bad Actions Plus The Net Is Here Because Of It

Interactions take operate — especially if you’re living with a parent whose choices you never trust. In a now-viral Reddit post, a person called Merseymoys presented a dilemma during the message board, “was We the A**hole (AITA),” and commenters didn’t keep back using their head.

“i am 16F and my 45yo dad provides this habit of online dating university get older lady and throwing all of them after like 2 or 3 ages subsequently whining about needy and clingy these were. This has been taking place my entire life and it also really annoys me personally, like personally i think like if he does not want people clingy, a woman in her early 20s ready to date a man whom could possibly be the girl father perhaps actually the best option. Its severely like he is allergic to the girl over 23,” the teenage wrote.

She said she’s “made half-jokey responses before precisely how i believe it’s creepy he just dates people 24,” incorporating that she lives with him full time and believes it really is her company to express things considering the lady dad’s grievances regarding the lady.

“anyhow thus about this morning the guy introduced their brand-new gf for me, and she is 21 but can potentially go for my personal era,” she published. “Like she’dn’t end up being out-of-place in my own high school. Idk it certainly annoyed me particularly that day so when my dad wasn’t around We told her that if she is selecting a long term thing, she wont have it from my father because he will surely dispose of their before she converts 24 like every single other lady he is ever dated after which he’ll contact the woman a pathetic clingy mess behind her straight back.”

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