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Prepayment Charges

A) For Individual Borrowers:

No prepayment charges shall be payable on account of part or full prepayments made through any sources for all loans sanctioned only to individual borrowers.

B) for any other than Individual Borrowers – For loans sanctioned with company/ Sole Proprietorship Concern/Firm or an HUF as co-applicants:

I. Just in case the mortgage is prepaid inside the very first six (6) months through the date of very very first disbursement, Prepayment fees shall be levied at a level of 2 percent plus fees and levies which can be statutory fees, associated with amounts being so prepaid;

Ii. The borrower shall have the option to prepay up to 25% of the opening principal amount every financial year, of the loan, without any prepayment charges upon the expiry of the first six (6) months and up till 36 months. Continua a leggere

A. Adjustable price Loans (ARHL) and blend speed Residence Loan (“CRHL”) through the amount of applicability regarding the rate that is variable of