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John Buddy Anusara Scandal: Within The Wiccan ‘Sex’ Coven

A member that is former of Friend’s Wiccan coven details their sexually charged rituals—and describes why she left Anusara.

Lizzie Crocker

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On a chilly New Year’s Eve in ’09, John Friend—the popular and charismatic creator of Anusara yoga—lay naked on a bearskin rug right in front of the blazing fire at their home within the Woodlands, Texas, while three underwear-clad ladies hovered over him, massaging sweetly scented oil to his body. One applied their mind, throat, and arms, another done their arms, while a 3rd applied their internal thighs and region that is pelvic her entire body writhing sinuously to your new-age sitar melodies playing within the history.

Buddy had invited the ladies, all Anusara employees, towards the Woodlands to commemorate the wintertime solstice,

A “high time” honored beneath the contemporary pagan faith of Wicca. Six months earlier in the day, buddy and two of the women held their Wicca that is first ritual Montreal, where these were spending the weekend for the yoga workshop Friend was web hosting. These people were the very first users of just just what would later on be an“coven” that is official Friend called the Blazing Solar Flames.

“John desired us to accomplish the ritual in sexy underwear and kiss one another from the mouth, tongue-y kissing, ” said “Melissa, ” a former person in the coven whom asked that her real title never be utilized.

Buddy, that is presently on sabbatical and might never be reached for remark, has been during the center of the commonly publicized intercourse scandal which led to a dysfunction of trust within their yoga community and a mass exodus of top teachers, in addition to a debate about whether he abused their power—even though most of the females included had been consenting grownups. Continua a leggere