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Should woman, 15, fall friend that is sexually active?

Dear Amy: i will be a 15-year-old woman and a freshman in twelfth grade. We simply simply just take pride into the proven fact that We plan to — and can — wait until marriage that I am a virgin and.

Most of my friends know this, and all of those respect me personally because of it. Life without that worry is great.

Unfortuitously, two weeks ago a detailed friend (who is just 14) explained me to think of her any differently, but how can I not that she had sex with her boyfriend and didn’t want?

She offered by by herself away at 14 — and also to some guy she might not really carry on dating!

I am attempting difficult not to ever judge her this is why action, but being her makes me uncomfortable because I’m not sure about what other kinds of peer pressure she can or will succumb around her and even talking to to!

She’s got been a good buddy and I don’t like to destroy our relationship, but i can not assist but concern yourself with her!

Have always been we being away from line?

Exactly Just Just What must I do?

Dear Concerned: someplace over the line, making judgments got a name that is bad. But at 15, your judgment is simply about all you’ve got. You might be working out your judgment for making yours option. Your buddy is simply too. Now she’s got set her judgment at the feet.

Close friends can state, “we like you but I do not like your option, ” and you ought to state that to your buddy. Fourteen is waaaaay too young to possess sex. Your final decision become and remain a virgin renders the entranceway available you are mature enough to make a more educated decision about becoming sexually active for you to change your mind when.

But making love is a bell which you can’t “unring. ” Your buddy is exposing by herself to sexually transmitted conditions, maternity and conventional psychological heartbreak (needless to say, you may get an incident of psychological heartbreak with out intercourse, but intercourse tends to carry it on, particularly in young teenagers. )

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