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New matchmaking app states to get producers’ markets of the sort that is different outlying singles

I’m admittedly slightly late with the area about this one—having merely already been released to your derogative-for-so-many-reasons label, “ag-hag” by an important colleague—but “farmer chasers” are now actually a social touchstone (however, not even obviously an adequate amount of a social touchstone for yahoo to know the idea).

Are you currently one of the ag-curious? There’s a software for the.

Apparently imagined upwards while founder Derek Ma ended up being around harvesting the emerald surf of eco-friendly in Silicon Valley, FarmersMatch aims to connect “rural singles” and folks “meet nation singles.” And its own site was number to an entire bunch of aw, shucks marketing that is-y jumbo that plugs the application as being for producers:

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