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Just how do I calculate the maximum amount for my PPP financing?

The CRRSAA created the chance of enterprises and nonprofits to apply for the second PPP financing if they see certain standards. The second-draw financing are more specific than novice PPP debts, and to meet the requirements, people must 1) posses earlier obtained a PPP loan and utilized the complete quantity just for authorized uses; 2) posses less than 300 workforce; and 3) had a 25% decrease in gross invoices during one or more quarter of 2020 versus alike one-fourth of 2019. The maximum mortgage dimensions for the second PPP financing are $2 million versus ten dollars million for a first-time PPP financing. Furthermore, the SBA has established a hub on second-draw PPP financing that may be helpful.

For novice PPP debts, people and nonprofits normally can inquire a maximum amount borrowed of 2.5 hours the common month-to-month 2019 payroll. Insurance policies money can certainly be included in payroll bills. Continua a leggere