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Right after you place an purchase, you’ll receive a message with a PDF confirmation

11. Reports & Invoices

File that features a listing of the purchase, invoice and terms. After placing your order if you encounter any issues or wish to amend your details, please contact us.

Every solution is sold with a study. By the end of every task, you’ll receive an extensive report that outlines the task outlined.

12. Affiliate Disclosure

Along with supplying solutions, we have been thinking about educating our visitors aided by the content we publish. A number of the links the thing is in our posts/guides/tutorials have affiliate links, meaning we get a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to purchase a product or sign-up for the service using our links,. We’ve published a complete large amount of articles, and can’t keep an eye on every affiliate website link. Therefore, please assume that each and every website link is affiliate before clicking away. Additionally, we usually do not suggest the equipment & services and products we don’t admire, even when they provide decent payment prices.

13. Non Disclosure

We appreciate your privacy! At before placing your order if you need us to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement, please feel free to email us.

14. Online Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

We appreciate your privacy and realize your privacy issues. Our privacy and Cookie Policy is included into this contract, also it governs your usage of and make use of of Solvid’s solution. Please ensure that you review our privacy and Cookie Policy completely.

15. Taxes & VAT

Solvid is NOT presently registered for VAT (Value Added Tax). But, this might improvement in the forseeable future. Whenever (and if) this modifications, A vat that is applicable will likely be added along with your purchase.

16. Prices

We might alter prices whenever you want without providing notice that is prior. The alteration will just connect with the purchases positioned in the long run. Continua a leggere