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The Home Ad – Social Networking – Banner – Autumn 2017

Compiled by Mayah Centavo, Asst. Viewpoints Editor

A few weeks ago, College Life Editor, LaShawn Olgesby, had written a write-up saying “My nipples aren’t for you personally” to advocate for the “Free the Nipple Campaign. ” Oglesby stated that being interested in breasts implies that there is a fetish.

Fetishes are geared more towards irregular things such as for example legs and bondage. Whom knew that simply being drawn to one thing makes you’ve got a fetish? Relating to Olgesby, then you have a fetish, if you like women you have a fetish, and if you like both men and women, you definitely have a fetish if you like men.

Liking one thing or having a fetish is, generally speaking, unimportant. Continua a leggere