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Blonde vs Brunette: I found out just what guys really like on Tinder

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I have changed my hair color frequently because the age of 15. Especially, as my friends has stated, after a painful break-up. Like a complete cliche.

Thus, following the final conclusion of a messy, longer on-off connection in Oct, we changed my hair color once more a€“ to brunette, the very first time.

I would experimented with internet dating software throughout very a€?off’ amount of my aforementioned intimate entanglement. I quickly’d already been really gothic, and had become pleasantly surprised by my personal success on it regarding information and schedules.

I made a decision to invest 3 days as a blonde on Tinder, and three days as a brunette to see which version of me could have additional victory.

The rules

1) i might spend three days utilizing photos of me as each hair colour 2) I would start an absolutely newer visibility each and every time, so my personal previous using Tinder before the test won’t affect listings 3) attain a good test, I would swipe appropriate 200 days for each in identical venue 4) I wouldn’t content my matches very first as I planned to calculate matches vs actual everyone conversing with me personally


Its my personal latest locks color, so that it made awareness first of all becoming brunette. I loaded my profile with a blend of photos of merely me personally and photo with friends, and a reasonably simple biography with some about me personally and my personal hobbies. Continua a leggere