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Soviet historians, along with most of their colleagues in the West, for decades preferred to ignore this subject

Although officially Jews have never made up more than five percent of the country’s total population, 5 they played a highly disproportionate and probably decisive role in the escort backpage Bend infant Bolshevik regime, effectively dominating the Soviet government during its early years. The facts, though, cannot be denied.

With the notable exception of Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov), most of the leading Communists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) headed the Red Army and, for a time, was chief of Soviet foreign affairs. Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon) was both the Bolshevik party’s executive secretary and — as chairman of the Central Executive Committee — head of the Soviet government. Grigori Zinoviev (Radomyslsky) headed the Communist International (Comintern), the central agency for spreading revolution in foreign countries. Other prominent Jews included press commissar Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), foreign affairs commissar Maxim Litvienev (Rosenfeld) and Moisei Uritsky. 6

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