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‘The King’s Man’ Review: Hulu’s Demented Spy Prequel Kicks History in the Face

A member of the Film Critic’s Circle, he’s covered technology and culture over the past 15 years from London’s tech scene to Europe’s refugee camps to the Sundance film festival

Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton battle Rasputin in the new Kingsman movie, streaming on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus elsewhere.

You know what history lessons need? More fights. The King’s Man is a loud, lewd and demented romp through the politics and tragedy of the past, a blackly comic and often deranged roller coaster of stylized action spectacle decked out in a range of outrageous mustaches.

Originally released in December up against Spider-Man: No Way Home , The Matrix Resurrections and the omicron variant, The King’s Man struggled at the box office despite being the latest in a series whose previous outings proved unexpected hits. Continua a leggere