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Hi Guys, I have an International Dricing License from Sri Lanka and on a Student Visa

I arrived on the 8th of and according to DVLA I could drive for one year with the International Driving license.

I have driver who wants a job in the UK and has an American truck drivers license, what does he need to do to driver here in the UK?


Sir, Iam resident of India,I am 28 years expirence Driver CDL How can i get the US CDL of USA any stete, kindly provide me sum information, my e-mail is Kindly help me in this matter. Thankyou very much.

Sir, I am resident of India, i am 28yesr expirence commercial driver, how can i get the US CDL, for job purpus in USA, kindly provide me sum suggete me. Thank you very much.

alo i am sameer & i came from pakistan before 2 month and i had international & local driveing license also but in n-j i am having problem mvc they refouse idp . they say its not in their book . which is in their book is issued from(islamabad) and mine issued from punjab lahore . and their book of law edision is 2009 . and they gave me hard time . kindy to look on this sereious matter . thanks . )

hello.. i have Two years working experience in THE ARAB UNITY STORE as a HEAVY DUTY DRIVER in DHAHRAN (SAUDI ARABIA). Three years working experience in Pakistan Shipping Corporation as a HEAVY DUTY DRIVER. Four Years working experience in private company as a driver of Heavy and Light Fork lifts. And Crawler Driver. Two Years working experience in an ARAMCO company (SAUDI ARABIA) as a HTV driver of LIGHT FORK LIFT, LIGHT CRANE OPERATOR & LIGHT DAMPER Driver. Continua a leggere