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The choice criterion had been guys whom identified on their own as homosexuals or bisexuals

The choice criterion ended up being guys whom identified themselves as homosexuals or bisexuals, relating to terminology utilized in the Epidemiologic Bulletin on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS associated with the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The examined immunodeficiency disorder control center had 22 qualified people; nevertheless, people who had impairment that is cognitive had been beneath the chronilogical age of 18 during the time of the interviews had been excluded, as a result of the significance of permission finalized by moms and dads or appropriate guardians, whom could not be conscious of the minor’s sexual orientation, after suggestion of this research ethics committee regarding the organization.

Thirteen individuals participated in this scholarly research, offered the page “E” followed closely by numeral recognition. Approaches and interviews had been carried out separately within the medical office, that has been considered an exclusive and safe spot, because of the very very first writer, that has expertise in information collection, not only is it an expert in nursing in infectious conditions. A semi structured script ended up being followed for information collection therefore the narratives had been recorded in MP4, initiated with all the leading question: us what it was like (or is) and how you dealt (or deal) with this experience”“If you suffered any kind of violence in childhood or adolescence (or still suffer), tell. The interviews lasted from 29 moments to at least one hour and ten full minutes. Subsequently, these people were transcribed and analyzed through the content analysis technique, after stages of pre analysis, study of product, and remedy for outcomes. ( 10 )

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