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However now even with getting a condo, he could be perhaps maybe maybe not usually the one to initiate the message.

Nevertheless now even with getting a flat, he could be maybe perhaps not the main one to initiate the message. He stopped giving morning and evening communications. also it’s quite normal if he initiates. Maybe Not sharing stuff that is much their side. Him about travelling somewhere with me, he says yes when I ask. Having said that, i suppose, he had been not too convinced in calling me personally as his gf. Though we had been venturing out publically and also kissed publically.

I will be therefore confused about any of it. With me or not whether he really wants to be in long distance? Is he actually busy because it’s not really per month? Can I ask him plainly given that whether he desires to carry on along with it or otherwise not? Or must I watch for some more times and then ask him? Coincidentally, i will be going to a seminar in July in Hong Kong but i did son’t inform him yet about it to.

Any recommendations could be helpful. Many Thanks.

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