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Funny-Themed Halloween Outfits Are Formally The Absolute Most Appealing, Based On’s Latest Survey

Compared to Scary, pretty and Political-Themed Costume Categories, those that Showcase someone’s Playful Personality Rank finest among Online Daters

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NYC /PRNewswire/ — This spooky season,, the main Dating Group in addition to company behind many online online dating sites, is revealing brand new insights which once-and-for-all expose the costume groups being probably the most and least effective when winning over your Halloween boo!

Before preparing this season’s digital Halloween celebrations along with your matching outfit, think about the after standout findings from’s survey that is latest:

  • Almost 70% participants deem funny costumes as the most costume category that is attractive.
  • Pretty costumes ranked highest that is second18%), accompanied by frightening costumes (13%).
  • Two in ten online daters have a costume photo exhibited on the dating profile.
  • Almost 50 % of participants (48%) declare Halloween as his or her holiday that is favorite for brand brand new individuals, provided its casual nature.
  • When expected which costume category is especially minimal appealing, political costumes by far came out on top, supported by over fifty percent of both guys (68%) and ladies surveyed (52%). Continua a leggere